1:1 with "THE" Super Trainers! A look at their Expertise! - Signe Williams | Wellness & Fitness Coach
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1:1 with “THE” Super Trainers! A look at their Expertise!

1:1 with “THE” Super Trainers! A look at their Expertise!

How lucky am I to have met ALLLLL these Super and Celebrity Trainers!  It is an opportunity that not all coaches are lucky enough to get!  I love seeing their sweet faces each morning through the screen or evening depending on when I workout!   But…….to actually workout with them LIVE, be able to introduce myself in person and to be able to tell them FACE-TO-FACE how they have inspired and changed my life is amazing! Some of these trainers I have even met more than once!!!  Before you continue on feel free to check out my video on: Super Trainer Myths Debunked!!! I am sure you are wondering IF they are actual “Trainers?!”


Super Trainers: Joel Freeman & Jericho Matthews

(Trainers for: Core De Force)

(Success Club, Punta Cana 2017)

I just had the privilege to meet these two last month on a couple of occasions!!!!!!  Joel is Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer! He teamed up with Jericho Matthews to create Core De Force!  It is an amazing 30 day mixed martial arts-inspired workout that people have been RAVING about and produce amazing results!

Joel  has held Elite Personal Trainer certifications from American Fitness Association of America (AFAA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Joel also ran his own gym in Washington and managing Group X programming at Gold’s gym! He also became and International Certified Fitness trainer!!!

Jericho Matthews is the Co-Creator of Core De Force! I can tell you she is AMAZING!  She recently had a baby before working on this training so I loved the connection I have with her with those new baby struggles! Trying to get your body back post baby amidst all of those new baby CRAZY stages!  She knows first hand the mom struggles!!! Jericho boasts TONS of Fitness Trainings and certifcations!  She has held Personal Training certifications from the NASM, AFAA, ACE, and received degrees in Pyschology, and Kinesiology from the Universe of Caorlifornia!!!  She has over a decade of experience as an International MASTER TRAINER, and has travelled the worth educating though sands of new instructions and has presented at the esteemed fitness industry conferences such as IHRSA, IDEA, ECA and CanFitPro.

Super Trainer: Chris Downing

Trainer: Shift Shop (Coming July 2017)

(Success Club, Punta Cana 2017)

Chris Downing is a POWERHOUSE! Love.Empower.Inspire is his personal philosophy!

His new program SHIFT SHOP launches in July 2017 with a sneak peek in June Exclusive to Beachbody on Demand subscribers!!!  Chris is a NASM- certified personal trainer! HIs new program uses the most results driven training methods —-effective for everyone from pro and amateur athletes to the everyday gym-goer — and tailors them to help you achieve a significant total-body transformation!  It includes SHORTER workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn calories fast, and lose fat, while still increasing your strength!

Super Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

Trainer for Programs: 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Active Maternity, Country Heat

(Success Club, Mexico 2015)

If it had not been for this girl right here, I would still be stuck in a rut! I would still be 30 pounds overweight and miserable and I sure as heck, would not be a coach today! Her program was instrumental in changing my life, my family’s life! I live my life with a new passion for life and health!  I have been fortunate enough to meet Autumn Calabrese a few times and also get an autographed copy of her Fixate Cookbook!    Autumn Calabrese is a celebrity trainer, best selling author and working mom who revolutionized the Beachbody fitness model with her simple approach to portion control! idea of the portion control container system after an amazing personal training story!  She has experience as a personal trainer and has over 15 years of dance training and a major in it too! She recently completed her certification to be a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! She has held certifications from the NASM, and the AFPA and has taken home top-10 titles at national-level bikini competitions. Autumn is the brains behind the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and Country Heat. 21 Day Fix and Extreme have been the top-selling programs for the past two years!

Coach Summit, Nashville 2016

She collaborated with Body Builder, Sagi Kalev for the Hammer and Chisel program (a resistance-training system)!  Autumn also has a passion for food and has a widely successful cookbook, “Fixate.” Fixate has sold more than 200,000 copies.  And more recently and exclusive to Beachbody on Demand is the Fixate cooking show which features her chef brother, Bobby Calabrese! This girl seems to have it all!

@Diamond Party , Summit 2015 Nashville

Chalene Johnson is one of my FAVE Super trainers and I have met her a few times also! Once when she swooped in to get picture with us at an Elite party!  She is a high-energy celebrity fitness trainer, mother of tow and New York Times best-selling author!!!

Trainer for: Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, PiYo

Summit Nashville, 2016

 Chalene revolutionized the fitness industry by turning her lifelong love of health and fitness into exciting, challenging workouts that scorch calories and burn fat!!! Have you ever heard of TurboFire, Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme? hip, hop, HUSTLE, or PiYo?   Believe it or not, but some of her most popular in-home exercise programs are featured in thousands of health clubs, including 24 hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym and YMCA’s all around the world! She is also a highly sought-after motivational business speaker on subjects ranging from start-up businesses to time management! I love listening to her pod casts too!

Summit Nashville, 2015

Super Trainer: Tony Horton

Trainer for Programs: P90, P90x 1-3, 22 Minute Hard Corps, 10 Minute Trainer

Over the past 25 years, elite trainer Tony Horton has helped MILLIONS of people get healthy through his world renowned workouts!  His groundbreaking programs have sold a combined total of more than 7 MILLION copies and counting! WHOA?!?!? Guess which program it began with? Yep! P90x!  When ever I meet someone that has never heard of “Beachbody,” the minute I say, “You must have heard of P90x,” Then yes, it is very rare I have met someone that hasn’t heard of that program!  And he has multiple other programs too! Most recently 22 Minute Hard Corps (which is amazing!)

Coach Summit, Nashville 2017

Movie stars, athletes and some of the military can credit their improved stamina, strength and extreme body transformations to Tony! Locally, my husband has worked for Doctors that use Tony’s program to supplement their fitness training!

Success Club, Mexico 2015

Tony has been featured in numerous publications including Men’s Fitness, Fitness, SELF, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People, and Women’s Health; and he has appeared on national television shows such as the Today Show, Good Morning America, Piers Morgan LIve, and the Dr. Oz Show! He is the author of three best-selling books. Bring It, Crush It and the Big Picture; 11 Laws That will Change Your Life.

@Diamond Party Summit, 2015

One thing I love about this guy, is he loves to interact with people, joke and he will never turn you down for a selfie! Even in the middle of an airport! <3

Airport in Nashville,  Summit 2016

Shaun T.

Trainer for MANY Programs! Keep Reading!

Oh my stars, if you have not heard of Shaun T. then you are missing out. This guy WON my heat over after my very Success Club trip.  His program isn’t even the program that helped me lose the 30 pounds! BUT…. when I got to workout with him LIVE, I became a tad obsessed! I have no words to describe the energy of one of his LIVE workouts.  Just incredible!  He is a WORLD-RENOWNED health and fitness expert, TV host, motivator and creator of the best selling fitness programs including INSANITY, HIP HOP ABS, FOCUS T24, INSANITY MAX:30 and CIZE! … and the word on the street is something new is coming this year from Shaun T!

Success Club, Mexico 2015

Coach Summit, Nashville 2016

(**Note to self: Don’t try funny poses! LMAO!)

Shaun T received a BS in Sports Science and a minor in Theater and Dance from Rowan Universtiy.  He’s danced with Mariah Carey, Aaron & Nick Carter and choreographed for USTA’s Arthur Ashe Kids Day, the NCAA Final Four Halftime show and the movie Bring it On: All or Nothing!!!! Shaun T has also hosted several primetime TV series, shared the stage with some prominent actors and singers! Are you curious who?  He shared the stage with Adam Lambert and Val Kilmer in the  musical version of the Ten Commandments, as well as landing roles in Pippin, Applause, Six Feet Under and the feature film Beauty Shop!  He has halo danced with Mariah Carey as well as Aaron and Nick Carter, and choreographed for USTA’s Arthur Ashe Kids Day, the NCAA Final Four Halftime show and the movie Bring it on: All or Nothing! (Whoa! That was a mouth full!)

Shaun also has a podcast and a self-help memoir, “T” is for Transformation.  It will be available for pre-sale and will be in bookstores in November! You can find him easily by checking out his website: www. ShaunTFitness.com

If you love Shaun T and want to be apart of the SHAUN T EVENT coming June 12th stay tuned to  my block and Facebook page for more details!

Super Trainer: Sagi Kalev

Trainer: Body Beast, The Masters Hammer & Chisel

This guy is a hoot! Now, I haven’t done his programs personally but meeting him in person, I can tell you he is NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! ha ha!!! And he smells amazing! (Sorry, Barbi if you are reading this! – His recent marriage was actually to a Team Beachbody Coach!!! How cool is that?!?)

(Coach Summit, Nashville 2016)

Sagi, is a renowned expert in bodybuilding and physique transormation. He became the first celebrity trainer to introduce bodybuilding to the Beachbody catalog with the creation of his outrageously successful Body Beast program.

His work inspired the Beachbody Classic which is a body building competition hosted annually at the Beachbody Summit!  His fitness success came after his personal transformation 27 years ago.  He earned the title of Mr. Israel twice. He has appeared on the cover of more than50 international fitness magazines, including muscle & Fitness (11x!!!).  He holds a degree in physical education from the University of Central Florida, is a Master Professional Personal Trainer, IFBB Pro, member of the IFBB Propta Hall of Fame, Certified Nutrition Specialists and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionists. In addition to his collaboration to create The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, Sagi’s Equipment Room Workouts are the first routines incorporated into Beachbody On Demand, specially for people to incorporate into there gym membership without the need of a personal trainer.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and have a much better understanding about the Trainers behind all of these programs!  The programs and nutritional component are very carefully planned out WITH the experts so that people are GUARANTEED to see results! I am living proof!!!  <3

I lost 30 pounds with at home workout programs @30 minutes a day!!

Program to achieve my results included:                                                                                                                 The 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese x2 and PiYo with Chalene Johnson


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