Pre-Baby Body! Achievable or Myth? - Signe Williams | Wellness & Fitness Coach
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Pre-Baby Body! Achievable or Myth?

Pre-Baby Body! Achievable or Myth?

June, 2016 6 Weeks Post baby

*I remember taking this pic, and I was saying “Baby weight…. you are going!”

So is getting back to your pre-baby body achievable or just a myth? Well! Let me share with you my experience!  What I can tell you, it that it IS achievable but for most of us it does require time and dedication. In fact, I would say patience is the real virtue here. Six weeks ago I came clean that I was starting a new workout program and announced that I would be trying to get back to my pre-baby weight before an upcoming trip — and I will admit it had me trembling a little bit!

Since the fall I have been hovering over a measly 10 pounds. My clothes fit fine (a little stuffed sausage but nothing major). I am sure I could have pulled off never even worrying about the number but I didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes and I knew in the back of my mind, it was a big goal that I wanted to achieve!  Why?  I had a conversation with a lady several months ago, and her opinion to me, was that you can’t get your pre-baby body back and I will be honest…. it kind of fuelled my fire! So much so, I tracked EVERYTHING!

August, 2016

With only a little over a week and less than a pound to go until my trip, I was beginning to panic that I might not make my goal.  But I kept going. I kept doing my very best and this morning when I woke up, I almost had tears in my eyes, that I did it! I did it! I started the program Insanity Max 30 at a little over 143 pounds and 6 weeks later… my pre-baby weight… 138.0 even!

 Keep reading to see my progress pictures and my tips for what helped me make it! So how excited was I to take the “post picture” to the “Baby Weight Be Gone Pic?!” You are darn right!  Am I ripped? No, but that isn’t what matters to me at this point.  What matters, is that I feel healthy and in shape! And that I set a goal, made a plan, followed through and achieved what I set out to do!

And a comparison?  Those are the best!  Here they are! Enjoy!!!!

Ok, so now this is where the rubber hit the road and how on earth I succeeded!   It wasn’t easy. Those last few pounds are NEVER easy, are they?  No, in fact they are down-right frustrating! You know that quote, “The moment you are ready to quit, is usually right before the miracle happens?” Well late last week, I was starting to panic. No joke! You would think with meeting my goals the first time and holding/maintaining my success for two years PLUS pre/during my second pregnancy would excite me a little with that faith that “Nah, it will be no problem to bounce back!”

Here are my tips for breaking through that plateau or when you truly feel stuck!

I was I was told that losing weight post second baby can be harder to lose and while I agree that might be true, there were a few things I knew in my heart of hearts, I had to to crack down on! Had I done this earlier, then I probably wouldn’t have stressed so bad the last few weeks… and in the end, I didn’t need to stress at all!

So here are my tips for success!

#1 HAVE A MEASUREABLE GOAL — and chart your progress! Whether it is the scale or using measurements or just the feeling of how you feel in your clothes, make sure you track this progress regularly! I know the scale is not always the greatest indicator of success but depending on your goals it can be. I am working on reaching my pre-pregnancy weight before toning up! I also take pictures! These are the BEST indicators of success because sometimes it is hard to notice change because you see yourself every day! It is so rewarding to look at these. Trust me!

#2 Choose a program and STICK.TO.IT and find something to MOTIVATE yourself (for me it is stickers/and sticky tabs)! For me, working out at home is what I have done the last three years. For a busy mom like me, it works! And I have seen more results in the programs I have done (when I do them 110% than I ever saw just attending a gym. So for me, personally it works! 30 minutes a day!

While it is awesome to be bouncing around, doing different things find something and stick to it (and the Beachbody On Demand is so tempting with so much for choice!!) If you have been doing the same thing for a while, then it is likely time to switch it up! This time around, I chose Insanity Max 30 – a 30 minute cardio based at home workout program! The other thing that keeps me HIGHLY motivated are those peely sticky notes on the calendar! I peel one off each day that I workout until the program is done. Believe it or not, it is super motivating!

#3 TRACK.YOUR.FOOD! You hear this repeatedly but do you do this?  So what I did, is literally wrote in my journal every single thing that touched my lips! I even portioned my food out when I needed too!  I learned everything I know from an accountability group I joined 3 years ago! I just put it into hard core practice! Portions and getting in the RIGHT food! Avoiding CRAP (Carbonated – Refined Sugars – Artificial Sweeteners – Processed foods!)…. all within balance! No, I didn’t weigh my food and for heaven sakes, counting calories is not my thing.  I just literally don’t have time with my lifestyle!

#4 ACCOUNTABILITY! SHOW UP! Whether it is showing up to a bootcamp on the green, a class at the gym, or even a virtual bootcamp like the groups I run. JUST SHOW UP!!! It is important! I check in with my accountability groups  DAILY! Yes, DAILY! It might seem too much, but it isn’t. When you have goals to achieve, checking in only 1x a week (in whatever fitness niche you are in), is likely not going to help you get there!

Last but not least, never give up on yourself! If I can do it, literally anyone can!!!  I always run accountability groups. Yes, I do have strict guidelines for your first group but that is for a reason.  Those exclusive groups will change your life, and your lifestyle!  Once you have one group in, you are golden and can hang with me, the REST.OF.YOUR.LIFE for FREE! I am not going anywhere! What is stopping you! Let’s do this!!!!

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