22 Minute Hard Corps RESULTS & Quick Review Part #1 - Signe Williams | Wellness & Fitness Coach
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22 Minute Hard Corps RESULTS & Quick Review Part #1

22 Minute Hard Corps RESULTS & Quick Review Part #1

Wha hoo!  So I am halfway done 22 Minute Hard Corps and the results are standing up to what I have hoped!  I began working out mid June, as soon as I got the ok from my doctor post baby!  So far since then, I am down almost 8 pounds. That is pretty good considering all the summer BBQ’s and pot lucks!
I began this specific program mid August and have lost a total of 2.4 pounds in the first half!  Inches… I have yet to take those but I am FINALLY in my pre-pregnancy jeans! I am anxious to see where the next few weeks will take me!  Keep reading to see some more results!
22 Minute Hard Corps is a quick, military-inspired, no-nonsense workout program designed by super star trainer Tony Horton.  The program is inspired by training techniques used by the military and is delivered in an intense – total body drill –> BOOTCAMP Style.  The program is 8 weeks long and has 8 different workouts across 2 DVDS.
There is an additional Core component that you do 3x per week as an add on in less than 10 minutes!
What I LOVE about the program is its efficiency to be done in such a short amount of time!  I am not a cardio lover by nature, so the fact that I can hammer it out and get it over with was what drew me to the program. What I don’t care about the program is the insane amount of burpees that I have to do, but hey… nothing worth fighting for comes easy! You have to remember your “why” to help you push forward!
My “why” is my daughter (and my son!) I want to be healthy and model for her what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle! She is my biggest cheerleader through all this and most times, giggles away while I do these crazy moves and make awful grunting noises at times! ha ha
Beyond the scale successes are the non-scale successes!  I love when I can increase my weights! I love to see the definition in my shoulders! I love the energy and confidence I have! I love that I am in a better mood all around, thanks to getting my workout in!!! I just started wearing my Garmin Vivo Fit and I LOVE to see my heart rate increase and have evidence of SWEAT!!!!
And then those pre-pics that you take before completing a program— no they aren’t pretty but they are important to take!  You see yourself everyday and while your clothes fit better sometimes it is hard to see those results!  So here are some more! I am saving the belly pictures until I get the next half done and perhaps the next program I do!  I am excited to keep progressing!
I have had slip ups food wise along the way, but the important thing is to keep moving forward! Not giving up because you messed up!  I still saw results despite having found my hand in the cookie jar a time or two! The important thing is to BE REAL!!!!!
Taking back pics are probably one of the most important angle! Take them all!  Keep them on your phone in a private place!  No one needs to see all your pics!
And last but not least the nutrition guide that you get with any program you get, is important! I love to follow the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide with most of my programs because that is the program I began with! One of the things that keeps me on track and provides me with the energy and nutrition I need on a daily basis is my nutritional shake! I like that it is quick and easy and is nutrition on the run! It acts like a salad (for REAL! Whole Food Nutrition) and tastes like a dessert!  Here is to round #2!  Cheers!
If you are interested in jumping in on the next accountability group, please send me an email at: sasijewelry@gmail.com, message me on Facebook or fill out an application!  Don’t miss out on the chance to make a change!


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