Coach Summit Nashville 2016 - Signe Williams | Wellness & Fitness Coach
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Coach Summit Nashville 2016

Coach Summit Nashville 2016

I just got home recently after an amazing trip to Nashville for the annual Team Beachboy’s Coach Summit. I have spent the last several hours with my stomach in knots wondering how I could blog such an experience and have it even come across as awesome as it was! Keep reading to get a taste of the fun!

What is a Coach Summit? Well it is the annual conference that is hosted by Team Beachbody where a percentage of coaches join together for training workshops, keynote sessions, live workouts, recognition celebrations, small team events and there is always a themed party!  Corporate loves to excite us when they announce new products and just create that atmosphere of “team!”  I love when they empower everyone in attendance to “be to the next Summit –one year from now.” And you know I will be!!!  So check out the highlight reel and enjoy! 🙂
**Meeting fellow coaches on the way there, is a great way to begin the fun!  These girls were amazing!

First stop was meeting up with my personal coach Lisa Decker!  Believe it or not we originally met through Google Images!  This was the third time I have gotten to spend a significant amount of time with her in person!!! I owe a lot to Lisa for her inspiration and belief in me to follow a hidden passion I didn’t know I had!  I just love this girl!

Here are some highlights from Coach Summit 2016! The company certainly pulls out all the stops! Billboards, video screens in the airport, wraps on the escalators!  Nashville knew we were coming!

Registration was even amazing!  We got to check in early too!! No lines!!!
Our main events were held at  Music City Centre! This place housed the “Core” (major shopping experience!),  rooms for workouts and sessions, customer service, their very own “Fix-it” Room, rooms for infomercial candidates and you name it! And if you were parroting about you might have even run into celebrity trainer assistants too!!!! … Check it out!  It is Steve from PiYo!!!


Accommodations and Transportation
There is nothing more fun then finding a place to stay at Summit! ha ha! Actually it is stressful!  Luckily for me, I have an amazing team with an amazing coach myself who took care of organizing our accommodations this year!  We got to stay in a BEAUTIFUL condo while we were there which was in driving distance to all our events!
Now this was hilarious!  We primarily got around in Golf Carts (Joy Ride) and Uber (something super new to me!) I much preferred the Golf Carts because they were fast and fun!  And we didn’t have one ride where we weren’t laughing or at least glad we got back to our condo safe and sound!
This is every coaches DREAM!  A shopping experience like no other!  My coach and I had VIP shopping privileges as recognition for our contribution to helping others faithfully each month!  Here there were sections for each program with clothes to suit the masses!

On our way to the Core, we got to walk the red carpet and view all of the Elite Coaches on the walls! This was absolutely incredible!!!

First dibs on the new program being released this year!

And trying on clothes wherever we could!  Check out the lighting and the signs in the background!

Opening Ceremonies
The big ceremonies were held at the Stadium!  Those awarded Recognition get to sit on the field and bring a guest! Guess where I got to sit?! Eek!!!! If you have ever been to a pro football game then you know how HUGE of a space this is!  Breath taking!

I love the look on Dianne’s face below seeing this for the first time!!

My coach, Lisa Decker and I on the field!  We both received recognition for being Success Club Legends!
So proud of my Legend medal!! What that means is I have helped a minimum of 3 people per month for the last 24 consecutive months!  One month it was 36 people!!!!  How cool is that?!?!?
Luckily the rain held off!!! But the first few drops Dianne and I were not so sure so we were prepared!
Yes, they had Team Beachbody rain ponchos!  Incredible!
Group Workouts with Celebrity Trainers!
This is one of biggest highlights! It is fun to actually see the trainers LIVE!
 We survived!!! Wha hoo!!! Look at all that sweat!
Top Coaches and Keynote Speakers!  

Check out the crowd!! And this is ONLY HALF of us!!!!!  

Notepads are totally necessary! OMGoodness, Lisa… I think we got photobombed!

Recognition!  Let’s be honest we all LOOOVVEEE recognition! This excitement started in grade school with those sticker charts for good behaviour! ha ha!  For me, it is motivational and I love to be acknowledged!
First up for recognition besides being a Success Club Legend, is a Photo Op with Celebrity Trainers!!!

Darrin Olien and I!  He is the Co-Creator of Shakeology and author of an AMAZING book called, “Superlife.” I HIGHLY recommend it if you have ever contemplated cleaning up your diet!

Celebrity Trainer – Autumn Calabrese (21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Active Maternity, Hammer & Chisel and the NEW Country Heat!!!)

Celebrity Trainer – Tony Horton (P90, P90x, 10 Minute Trainer, 22 Minute Hard Corps and more!) I dare say, Mr. Horton is pretty “fly!”

Success Club Party!  80’s Themed!
This year featured Billy Idol!!!
We even met Robert Simmons!
Southern Food!
It is all about balance!!!!  So yes, we did enjoy some country fried southern food!  YUM!!!! This was from the Acme Restaurant!
 Oh yes, Southern Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese!  When in Rome!!!!
Dinner date fun with some brand new coach friends!!!
Closing Ceremonies! It is awesome seeing our team grow!!! Last year it was just me!  This year 5 ladies in my direct team got to join me!!!  So exciting!

 It is tradition!  Getting selfies with Corporate!!!

And even on the way home, the fun doesn’t stop!  What a great touch at the end of the trip. A selfie with Tony Horton himself. Until next year in New Orleans there are more lives to touch, more passions to be had and a greater reason to inspire others looking for a healthier lifestyle with what they have at home. Nothing complicated.  Just a wish and a dream to get better!  If you are interested in helping others and are looking for a WONDERFUL team, please reach out to me! My email address is:!  #findyourpassion

What an experience being part of the Number #1 Team in the company! … and that is a wrap!

Thanks for reading!  <3 With Love, 


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