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3 Day Refresh Low Down & Results

3 Day Refresh Low Down & Results

Thank you for checking out my 3 Day Refresh Results!  The 3 Day Refresh is suggested to do quarterly to maintain a healthy body weight. I have done the Refresh twice since beginning myjourney into health and wellness! 

Let’s be honest, the majority of us have ups and downs every now and again and while we have the best intentions a slip up of a workout here and a sneak of a little bit of this and a little bit of that catches up with us sooner or later!  For me (and those of you that know me, know that my biggest trigger is change aka “MOVING!!”  In November last year, I started a new job and on top of that moved unexpectedly and well, almost 5lbs heavier than I like to maintain, I felt tired, zonked and felt like I just didn’t have it in me to get back my groove back!!!  So for a kick start I bought the product and had AMAZING results!

Then I did awesome! In fact I did stellar from November – July, 2015…. until our next move! Gah!  Moving box after box got exhausting!  So partly because of my exhaustion and then excuses I made in my mind about how exhausted I was, my workouts were not 100%.  They were there, they were just pitiful!  And then I totally had my hand in the cookie jar WAY more than I should have and well I just started to feel it. My weight did go up a few lbs but it wasn’t even that. It was my swollen fingers, headaches,  and pure bloat!  So I embarked on the 3 Day Refresh again.  It was awesome and I felt 10x better. So what does a 3 Day Refresh typically look like?  Easy peasy!  Although not everyone will tell you that!  I met some other girls and joined a challenge group for my Refresh and through our tips and tricks, it made the refresh a BREEZE!

Here is how my July Refresh went down….
The 3 Day Refresh entails a typical day of nutrition! The only major things missing from any other ordinary day would be animal based protein, dairy, your “regular” carbs, and of course coffee (unless you can handle it black!).

Two things were tricky about the Refresh for me this time.  The first was ensuring I got the daily water intake in me!  I didn’t use any tricks like fruit or herbs in my water, but I did do my best to consume the water I needed– as plain as it was!  The second thing that I missed (not that I found it hard by any means) was the animal based protein in the three days.  By the time the 3 days was finished I was ready to take a fork to that chicken breast!

The Vanilla Refresh (Protein Shake) will never ever take the place of the protein I usually like to consume but it is do able. This time, I tried to switch it up.  One day, I added frozen cherries and 1 tsp of pure almond extract.  Another day, I simply added cinnamon.  The second day, I added fresh picked strawberries and pure almond extract!  So the best thing for you to do, is to get creative with the Vanilla Refresh!

If you like ice tea, then the Fibre sweep is a CINCH!  You just have to be sure to use the coldest water possible, then blend it and drink fast! Yum!

With the Fibre Sweep I could also have a fruit AND veggie option as well as a healthy fat.  I opeted for fresh picked strawberries, celery topped with fresh avocado & garlic! Yum!!!

I did drink herbal tea this time 2x a day!  I found this delicious Green Tea with Brown Rice that I just love! I picked it up at a local food store here. Having the tea, made the evenings go by pretty fast!

One of my FAVE recipes was the Stir Fry! It turned out so well!  I could have eaten two bowls of this stuff! I picked up fresh veggies from the local Farmer’s market to enhance this wicked stir fry!

My results for the last round were also incredible! While I didn’t have much to lose the last time, I actually ended up around the same place in my weight that I did the first time I did the Refresh in November!

If you are interested in trying out the Refresh or a challenge group with me and adding in the Refresh you can actually get a Kick Start Challenge Pack!  That includes: 30 Days of Shakeology, the 3 Day Refresh AND a workout program of your choice (*special programs only include the Kickstart)!  Free free to find me on Facebook or send an email to: Sasijewelry@gmail.com for more information! In addition I have an additional incentive for orders placed in the first week of August!!!!
Thank you for checking out my blog!


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